TIP$TER projects the safe, sustainable retirement budget that a tax-deferred portfolio fully invested in Treasury Invested Protected Securities (TIPS) would support.  Then, it projects and compares the volatile range of retirement budgets that a diversified portfolio would support.
TIP$TER Flash Tutorials

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Note: The TIP$TER Flash Tutorials are based on an old version (1.2) of TIP$TER. 
Version 2.0 has a reorganized and considerably improved interface (see red notes below) and added functionality.
Assuming sufficient interest is shown, updated tutorials will be posted of version 2.0

Basic Tutorial

  Specifying your retirement savings goals
  Specifying your return expectations
  Setting retirement budget plans
  Modeling the impact of a "longevity" annuity on your retirement budget (note: this input has been moved to the "additional inputs/outputs" section)
  TIP$TER's projection of the retirement expenditures sustained by a 100%-TIPS portfolio
  TIP$TER's simulations of the retirement expenditures sustained by a diversified part-stock, part-TIPS portfolio
  Understanding and manipulating TIP$TER's retirement budget and portfolio size charts


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Advanced Tutorial

  Modeling stock returns with mean-reverting behavior (Note: this is applicable only to TIP$TER's Monte Carlo simulation modes.  Mean reversion is inherent and need not be specified in the default exploratory simulation mode)
  Modeling a valuation-dependent tactical asset allocation strategy (note: the pertinent input has been moved to the "asset allocation" input section)
  Using TIP$TER's Asset Allocation Risk/Reward Spectrum ChartTM to project and compare the risks and rewards of different asset allocations
  Specifying additional portfolio inputs and outputs, including college expenses, pensions, inheritances, and reverse mortgages

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