TIP$TER projects the safe, sustainable retirement budget that a tax-deferred portfolio fully invested in Treasury Invested Protected Securities (TIPS) would support.  Then, it projects and compares the volatile range of retirement budgets that a diversified portfolio would support.
Sample Reports

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TIP$TER PRO's Professional Reports

    Do you use Money Guide Pro*, FinanceWare*, or some other financial planning software suite to simulate your clients' portfolios?  Do you ever print out their reports and hand them to your clients?  A report like this, for example?

    What good does a report like that do for your clients?  Does it empower them to make a meaningful asset allocation decision?  Do the colorful charts do a very good job of illustrating the risks and rewards of different asset allocations in realistic how-will-it-affect-me-in-retirement metrics that a normal person can understand?

Do the right thing.  Empower your clients...with TIP$TER's Reports

    Give your clients a report with meaningful information.  One that is based on your, or your client's, intelligently-thought-out forward-looking return expectations.  One that simulates equity volatility and spending behavior realistically.  One that focuses on the lifetime retirement budgets supported during different trials of a simulation.  One that compares the distribution of simulated retirement budgets with a sustainable risk-free retirement budget.  And finally, one that shows how the distribution of simulated outcomes varies with asset allocation (TIP$TER's Asset Allocation Risk/Reward Spectrum ChartTM). 

    Give your clients a report that empowers them to choose an asset allocation with realistic how-will-it-affect-me-in-retirement metrics of risk and reward.  Only program does this competently: TIP$TER PRO.

    The menu to the right provides samples of three of TIP$TER PRO's 12-page professional reports, all based upon the same three scenarios illustrated in the TIP$TER User Guide.  Like the others, TIP$TER PRO's reports are sharp and graphically rich.  But unlike the competition's reports, TIP$TER PRO's reports provide meaningful simulation information.

Live Smart and Prosper!

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