TIP$TER projects the sustainable retirement budget that a tax-deferred portfolio fully invested in inflation-protected bonds would support.  Then, it ranks and compares the retirement budgets supported by a simulated part-equity portfolio.
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        The TIP$TER Financial Planner and Portfolio Simulator is a copy-protected Excel spreadsheet.  In order to protect its valuable intellectual property from misappropriation and limit the duration this free program remains operational, Prospercuity uses a registered version of Spreadsheet Tool's LockXLS application to add copy protection and registration features to the spreadsheet.  Consequently, TIP$TER is an executable file.

        The TIP$TER Financial Planner and Portfolio Simulator does not transmit, and Prospercuity does not collect, any information that is entered into the TIP$TER Financial Planner and Portfolio Simulator.  The TIP$TER Financial Planner and Portfolio Simulator does not transmit user information of any kind.

        The TIP$TER Financial Planner and Portfolio Simulator does, however, require an Internet connection to operate, and for a single purpose: to verify the date from an Internet time server.  You can read about the LockXLS "Time Synchronization" feature here.

       The webpages that make up the Prospercuity website contain Google Analytics code, but to the best of Prospercuity's knowledge, this code does not collect any personally identifiable information. But then again, none of Prospercuity's very simple html webpages even allow you to enter any personally identifiable information.

        Because matters of trust are at stake, you should consider it relevant that TIP$TER's sole creator, contributor, and owner – Eric Cernyar – is an active licensed attorney.  You can be certain that Prospercuity would not deliberately or maliciously compromise any user's privacy or financial security.