TIP$TER projects the safe, sustainable retirement budget that a tax-deferred portfolio fully invested in Treasury Invested Protected Securities (TIPS) would support.  Then, it projects and compares the volatile range of retirement budgets that a diversified portfolio would support.
User Guide

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    Welcome to the TIP$TER User Guide.  The organizing concepts of TIP$TER are the so-called "Risk-Free Rate" (modeled with Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)) and the Equity Risk Premium (ERP).

    The User Guide Menu starts with links to explanations of these two key concepts.  The next most important concept is TIP$TER's variable retirement budget parameters, because simulation trials are ranked and measured by the average retirement budget the trial sustains.

    After helping you master these basic concepts, the User Guide explains TIP$TER's most powerful function: helping you (or a client) evaluate a range of stock/bond asset allocations, using TIP$TER's breakthrough Asset Allocation Risk/Reward SpectrumTM chart.

    Next, TIP$TER provides three illustrations that give step-by-step guidance on configuring TIP$TER's inputs for three different couples.

    Finally, the menu provides links to the TIP$TER User Manual, Flash Tutorials, and a validation section with links to a series of tests used to demonstrate the general reliability of TIP$TER's analytical engine, a bug fix document that lists bugs that were corrected in the development of version 2.0, and a version history document.