TIP$TER projects the sustainable retirement budget that a tax-deferred portfolio fully invested in inflation-protected bonds would support.  Then, it ranks and compares the retirement budgets supported by a simulated part-equity portfolio.
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Minimum Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit*
Microsoft Excel 2002 or higher
Note: TIP$TER will not run on a Mac or in earlier versions (e.g., Excel 2000) of Excel

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Download and Install TIP$TER PRO
version 2.1.4

Operational Through Jan 31, 2016
No Registration Required

Download TIP$TER Pro Installer

Click on button above and choose "Run from Location," or save installer to a directory and run from that location

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Important Notes: The TIP$TER Pro installer does the following:
1) Creates a Prospercuity subdirectory in your Program Files directory.
2) Installs Tipster214.exe into the Prospercuity subdirectory.  This application is an Excel spreadsheet encapsulated in a LockXLS executable wrapper, which encrypts and copyright-protects the underlying software code. 
3) Installs Tipster2.dll, a C++ DLL* that dramatically speeds up the simulations, in the Prospercuity subdirectory.
4) Installs desktop and program menu shortcuts to the program to the spreadsheet application.

AntiVirus False Positive: Your antivirus program may falsely identify TIP$TER as a high risk program.  You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus program to complete an installation.

*In some installations, Tipster2.dll does not work.  However, Tipster still runs by using slower VBA code. 

If you do not wish to run the installer, you can instead download the executable and and DLL mentioned and linked above into a common directory, and then run the executable from your chosen directory.  (Note: if you don't save the DLL into the same directory, TIP$TER Pro will not find it.)

To uninstall, re-run the installer program and select the "Remove TIP$TER Pro" option.

Please report any installation or execution problems to Prospercuity.

Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Excel (in all its various versions) are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.